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Deck Step1 All Subjects Two



1. Gap Junctions seen where?

gaps connect..

2. Tight Junctions? where?

tight occludes and forms barriers

3. Adherins — they are belts!

4. AKI/Prerenal azotemia? Loss of Blood flow

5. AKI/Intrinsic-Acute Tubular Necrosis: loosing absorptive CAPACITY!

6. AKI: reduces GFR!

7. AKI: In Mainteinance phase, there is increased risk of?

8. Intracellular Ca regulation -Sarcolemma Muscle contraction

9. GFR Autoregulation

10. Early pregnany loss, Inc risk of complications, prematurity:

11. Double uterus, vagina, cervix:

12. Viral infection that flares and remits in cyclical fashion:

13. CFTR is a problem of pre or post translational processing?

14. Carpal Tunnel Sydnrome:

15. CTS causing Conditions

16. Cardiac reaction to decreased o2 delivery:

17. Chest Pain RELIEVED by leaning Forward?

18. a factor, enters nucleous and makes acutephase reactants, cytokines, cell adhesion molecules, leukocyte growth factors

19. Why precocious puberty short stature while Gigantism peeps are tall?

20. Erythema Multiforme:

21. Skin lesion + 1 week history of focal neurologic deficit (seizure)

22. Purulent cellulitis virulance factor?

23. Non purulent cellulitis?

24. Annular ring and scaling plaque five cm in diametr with central clearning?

25. Axillary lymph ndoe dissection is a risk factor for?

26: LMN symptoms with signs of infection (headache, mailaise, fever):

26: Spinal Lesions

27: Port wine stain + kid + glaucoma + seizures?

28: Natalizumab associated with JC Virus activaction leading to

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