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Deck Step1 All Subjects


1. Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 9

2. C-Peptide Halflife?

3. Iatrogenic Complication: Thyroid surgery

4. ATP-Sensitive K Channel (k-ATP channel)

5. ADominant Hereditary Hypothalamic Diabetes Insipidus

6. TRH stimulates the release of both:


8. Osteoprotegrin: Decoy binder for RANK-Ligand

9. Teriparatide: PTH analogue

10. Site of PTH action?

11. FGF-23: Released in Response to HyperPhosphatemia

12. Intermittent PTH/Analogue use?

13. PTH Action

14. Hepatic Gluconeogenesis Inhibited by?

15. Insulin Sensitivity is Decreased in CKD

16. Syndrome: Disorientation, sweating, palpitation

17. Glut4

18. Prophylactic Erythromycin to Newborns

19. Advanced Directive Types:

20. Elizabeth Model for Grief: (stages)

Syndrome: Facial grimmacing, lip-smacking, Tongue movements and puckering

Learning Disorders

Boderline Personality Disorder

ATP7B Mutation?

ATP7A Mutation?

Deposits in Descemet membrane of Cornea?

Engage in time-consuming, repetative behavior (mirror checking, excessive grooming) causing significant impairment in functioning:




Low Melatonin in CSF

Reversible acute confusional state with reduced or fluctuating level of consciencess

Competitive Athletes, dancers fashion models


Decreased Cortisol:

Magnocellular neurons:

Bradycardia and Hypo/Hypertension in Hypothyrodism?

Bilateral Fetal Hydronephrosis in Boys

Principle: Oxygen-induced Hypercapnia in COPD

COPD patients given oxygen will become lethargic, seizures due to O2 induced hypovent.

Already chronic C02 retainers –> “compensated” Respiratory Acidosis! Alterations in V/Q balance in lungs can increase deadspace ventilation and further rise in PaCO2

Ranke Complex

PO2 Content


Poison Ivy, oac, sumac

Problems in Proteosomes:

Valsalva Maneuver –> Decrease Venous return

Valsalva –> Loud Murmer in ?

Valsalva –> Softer Murmur in ?

HOCM Murmur

POST MI, continued High CK

Bone morphogenetic protein receptor type II or BMPR2 is a serine/threonine receptor kinase

AR, MR, VSD murmurs increase when __load increases?

Exercise induced fatigue, pain parasthesias or dizziness and vertigo:

EF Formula:?

Ef = SV / EDV


Ef = EDV - ESV / EDV 

Normal > 50%

54. Meds for Chronic Heart Failure with reduced EF (CHFrEF)

55. features of HF with Preserved EF

  1. Endothelial dysfunction
  2. Cholesterol, HDL, LDL goes into the intima –> monocytes migrate (Macs) –> phaogcytoze LDL become foam cells –> produce growth factors –> collage synthesis in intima, smooth muscle proliferation, extracellular necrotic debri

57. Internal carotid artery derived from which arch?

58. Eccentric Ventricular Enlargement, CO is high/low/normal?

59. Breast Milk does not contained Vitamin ….. and ……?

60. B12 absorbed from? and how?


62. VHL tumors in renal, adrenal medulla and ..?

63. How big are lacunar infarts?

64. Microbes causing COPD exacerbation?

Dyspnea and/or cough, Changes in Sputum color Physical: PURSED LIPS with prolonged expiration

65. IPP becomes equal/greater/less than Airway pressure in Emphysema?

66. Bleomycin sideeffect: causes __ due to __?

67. Phthirus Pubis… LICE!

68. Superior Messenteric artery is usually at ……. angle?

69. Fetal Hb begins production ….

70. Extremely high affinity for O2?

71. Leading cause of Foodborne gastroenteritis?

72. Sudain III Stain identifies what in Stool?

73. Most severly affected nutrient in malasoprtion: FAT!

74. Generalized Malabsorption causing conditions:

  1. Defective pancreatic secretiosn
  2. muscosal disorders - Celiac, IBD (crohn, UC)
  3. Bacterial overgrowth (gi surgery, motility)
  4. parisitic: giardia

75. Clinical Disinfectants

76. Gout causing drugs:

URIC ACID secretion reducers:

  1. Diuretics - loop, thiazide
  2. Salicylates - low dose
  3. ACEI
  4. Cyclosporin

77. Sjogren syndrome: which cellular infiltration?

78. OCCULOMOTOR NERVE what fibers in and out?

79. common microbes in CF:

80. Excocrine Insufficency progressive:

81. M.Tb pathogenesis:

82. Anti-PD1 antibodies / mechanism?

If the tumor cell expresses PD-L1 and B7, it avoids T Cell destruction

83. Plasma Cell neoplasm:

84. Drug reactions with CHELATING agents

85. Blood nipple discharge, diagnosis?

86. Osteonecrosis of JAW is a s/e of?

87. Abdomen CT

88. Cold is intra or extra vascular hemolysis?

89. WARM Agglutination exampels:

90. Calculating Clearance __ === GFR ?; __ === RBF?

Estrogen increases or decreases T4?

Needle shaped cholesterol clefts on micrsocopy?

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