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DIRECT ACTION: Insulin –(-)> Pancreatic Alpha Cells –> Decreases release of Glucagon

Hormone Sensitive Lipase

Infantile Parkinsonism

Acanthosis Nigrans sign of Insulin Resistance

CONCEPT: patients with Type1DM or chronic pancreatitis eventually may have higher hypoglycemic events

Lisosomal disease:

GHRH –> GH(Apit) –> IGF-1(LIVER) –> Growth Effects (bone, cartilate, skeletal muscle, soft tissues

Lady, wants to loose a ton of weight before marrige in a few weeks. What meds?

Glucagonoma: What is the skin lesion?

Female athelete –> Low BMI –> Less fat stores –> Reduced circulating Leptin –> Leptin –(-)> GnRH (pulsatile) –> Decrease FSH, LH –> Decreased Estrogen –> Amenorrhea

Layers of Adrenal Cortex (Outer to Inner) –> G F R

Conn vs Pheochromo (Both High BP)

Onset of Hashimotos –> 45-65 yrs

Hypercalcemia, Kidney stones, Constipation

Cortisol –(+)-> PMNT

Loss of smell + gonadal dysgenesis = KALLMAN syndrome

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