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ULNAR: little finger, Guyon’s canal

Posterial Dislocation of Medial epicondyle –> Ulnar injury

Median Nerve

Medial/Lateral cords –> with Brachial Artery between biceps and triceps –> Forearm –> coarses between the medial and ulnar heads of PRONATOR TERES and traverses —> between flexar digitorums superficialis and flexar digitorum profundus

Carpal tunnel: pregnancy, hypothyroidism –> compression: median nerve –> weakness of first 2 fingers

Anteromedial supracondylar dislocation –> MedianN injury and Brachial Artery injury –> Loss of radial pulse

Radial N

Midshaft humerus fracture –> radial nerve injury

Anterolateral supracondylar dislocation –> Radial N injury


Fracture of head of humerus –> Axillary Nerve injury

Drooping of shoulder, Impaired abduction of arm > 100 degrees, lateral displacement of scapula —-> TRAPEZIUS (SPINAL ACCESSORY N, 12)

WINGED SCAPULA, loss of assistance of elevation of arm upward —> Long Thoraci N injuring Serratus Anterior

SHOULDER Dislocation? Upper arm extreme activity (baseball pitch) –> Arm Flexing, loss of cutaneous sensation over lateral forarm –> Musculocutaneous Nerve –> C5-7


Injury to Fibula Neck fracture –> Common Fibular(Peroneal) Nerve –> Superficial/Deep fibular nerve injury


Recurrent and External Laryngeal N –> Motor fibres –> vocal cords

Internal Laryngeal N –> Sensory fibres –> Sensory/Autonomic (afferent limb of cough reflex) from mucosa superior to the vocal cords

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