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4 January 2019

Papers today: Health Information economy


Papers on Health Information Economy

1. Federalist Principles for Federated Healthcare Data Networks

by Mandl et al, PubMed

Federalist quering with common data model and data formats benefits all multi-site faceted research. Networked access to data (conditional with agreements) from routine clinical care will help build study trial designs, disease registeries. But needs to be in common/non-proprietary formats to be real-time and multi-site.

by Weber et al, 2014, JAMA

Importance of Big data, and linkages between different datasets. Taking a cue from Google, NSA, Fb. Lack of UPI can pose challenges of linking these sets. Privacy, security concerns exist as well (hard to deidentify once linked). Need to discuss legal, ethical issues for such linkages.

3. A 21st-Century Health IT System - Creating a Real-World Information Economy

by Mandl et all, 2017, NEJM

In 2009, HITECH act provided incentives for “meaningful use” of IT in health $34 billion: promoting EHR use. Real-world evidence is key to advance treatment and research. 21st Century Cures act requires certified HIT products to have an API. Health App information economy.

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