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Myoclonic epilepsy with ragged red fibers (MERRF) and also:

Subtance P: Neuroopathic Pain; polypeptide neurotransmitter. Inhibited by Capsaicin Cream (topical) –> used in shingles

Developmental Delay & Progressive Skull enlargement –> Dandy Walker Formation

Arnold Chiari (II) associated with Spinal Myelomeningocele

Preaqueductal gray matter & mamillary bodies hemorrhage and necrosis –> WERNIKE ENCEPHALOPATHHY

THIAMINE Deficiency diagnosed by “erythrocyte transketolase activity”

Headache –> Subarachnoid hemorrhage –> (3-14 days) –> focal neurlogical (weakness in rt arm/leg) –> Cerebral Vasospasm;;;

Donapezil (AchEsterase Inhibitors) –> can cause bradycardia and AV block in the elderly.

Orthostatic Htn –> Lisnorpil

BZD –> avoid in elderly –> falls,fractures,cognitive impairement, delirium; give ramelteon for sleep

Kid with both Absense and Tonic-clonic seizure: Drug of choice –> Valproic acid. If only absence, then Ethosuccimide

Focal onset seizures –> CBZ, phenytoin, gabapentin (narrow spectrum antiepileps).

Tetanus –> CLinical diagnosis only!; no freakin toxin assay!

Nucleous Cerelus –> panic attacks

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