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Nbme Todo 11october2020


These are topics that I have to review, purposefully not mentioning which NBME this was incase someone else reads this

TODO: Weak Topics

  1. [BC] VJD rearrangement (J region probe): Unrearranged immunoglobulin
  2. Essential Thrombocythemia vs Myeloid Metaplasia
  3. Steady state drug concentration (CSS): CL x Css
  4. Headache (Dec Preload, Inc Coronary blood flow)
  5. Bicarbonate (ESRD) HCO3 is low
  6. Insterstitial Inflammmation in Renal Parenchyma: ADPKD?
  7. Immune complex-mediated cytotoxicitiy? SLE?
    • serositis === SLE
  8. [BS] : Sensitivity and 1-specificity graph (cut off points?)
  9. [BS] Chi-square test
  10. [BS] Case-control study, cohort study, cross-sectional surve
  11. PCOS: Fasting Insulin, Testosterone Incrased, LH increased
  12. [BS] Type1Error, Type II error
  13. [A] Nerveroot: C8
  14. Sensory neuropathy: 0 UW QID: 12035
  15. MPTP substantia nigra!!!
  16. Enterococcus faecalis => do the division chart and draw things!
  17. Child development age, motor, social, verbal cognitive
  18. [A] Intercostal: Breast nerve, artery, veins supply! draw this shhh
  19. [A] Fibularis (perioneus) brevis = fracture at distal tibiofibular articulation
  20. Glutamine —> Glucoseamine from fructose 6 phosphate
    • Ammonia buffer system
  21. Blood Pressure b1 q41
  22. Carboxylation of precursor proteins: vitamin k?
  23. [Ph] Na K ATPase pump if fails ==> Calcium accumulates intracellularly
  24. [A] Triceps reflex: C7 nerve root
  25. Antiphospholipid antibodies
  26. AcidBase- Altitude, with CA inhibtor
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