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Hepatocyte Inclusion Bodies


Hepatitis B

Chronic hep b –> accumulation of hep b surfgace antigen in infected hepatocytes –> appeares: finly granular, diffusely homogenous, pale pink (eosinophilic cytoplasm) –> ground-glass hepatocytes

Hep C: Lympoid aggregates

lymphoid aggregates within portal tracts and focal areas of macrovesicular steatosis

Hepatic Steatosis

significant alcohol ingesion or obesity –> alcoholic/nonalcoholic steatohepatitis –> acumulation of large and small vesicles of fat within hepaticytes –> intracytoplasmic clumped/amorphous eosinophilic bodies: Mallory Bodies –> made of tangled intermediate filaments


Yellow hemosiderin granules in cytoplasm –> cirrhosis/portal HTN

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