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Endocrine Review 2


Phentermine, Diethylpropion, benzphetamine

Regular Insulin & NPH –> only human recomb insulin without any modifications to AA sequence

DKA treated with Regular Insulin!

Insulin Supresses Glucagon secretion by directly acting on pancreatic alpha cells!

Long standing T1-DM have alpha cell failure due to repeated inhibition by Insulin

T3 = short half life, mostly produced peripherally and can be normal in Primary Hypothyroidism

Infant, inc muscle tone, caramel/sugar smell urine, Autosomal recessive (hx of someone who died at a young age)

FGFReceptor-1 or KAL-1 gene defect –> failure of migration of GnRH secreting neurons from Olfactory placade (anosmia) –to–> Hypothalamus

Hypercholesterolemia, Familial Dyslipedmias: Key signs

  1. Type1: plasma LPL defect –> incrased Chylomicron, TG –> Acute Pancreatitis, milky appearing retinal vasculature (lipemia retinalis), eruptive xanthomas (small yellowish papules)
    • creamy layer in supernatent
  2. Type2: LDL Receptor defect –> Inc LDL (plasma) –> Tendon Xanthomas, Xanthelasmas(medial eyelids), Premature CAD
  3. Type3: ApoE defect –> Inc VLDL, Chylomicrons –> Tuboeruptive Palmar Xanthomas
  4. Type4: ApoA-V defect –> Inc TG(>1000), VLDL –> Insulin sensitivity decreased –> DM
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